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Shiva Kennel Tibetan Mastiffs AktazThe Tibetan Mastiff

The Tibetan Mastiff, the ancestor of many large built dogs appeared from the past thousands of years ago.

It only became common  in Europe at the end of the 70's, imported mostly from India and Nepal. Just like in its homeland,  he is used as defender and family dog. The Tibet Mastif takes care of everything around him and is especially sensitive to strangers.

The brand may appear in different colors: black, black and tan (red), blue (gray), blue and tan, and sand colors. The "four-eyed" large version is highly appreciated.

 Természete az ellenőrzött erő, bátorság, kezdeményező készség és rettenthetetlenség mely türelemmel, hűséggel, gyengédséggel és nagyon erős megfelelni akarással párosul.

It is very playful, likes to enjoy himself and is overflowing in love giving. His whole loyalty is his master's. Though, when nessesary it can act like a wild dog. In the daytime he is mostly sleeping, but as night falls he becomes suddenly lively and concentrates on everything.

Its build is like a lion's: solid strong body covered by double fur. The skull is high and wide with an emphasized nose, and the hair is thick and strong. The tail stands up elegantly, the posture is cat-like.

Shiva Kennel Tibetan Mastiffs MeggyShiva kennel

I am specialized on Tibetan Mastiff since 1992.

I purchased the first exemplares in Hungary. Luckily and – last but not least – thanks to the several trainings my first female Meggy fulfilled my hopes. After many many success and several very  favourable litters of puppies she won the Europe Champion Award.

The first litter of the Shiva Kennel borned by the alliance of the World Champion male of that time and Meggy. Every puppy of this litter became multiple champion. I kept a male, Aktaz, who became even more succesful than his mother. Among others he also became European Champion.

Since this variety is fairly rare, I keep on trying to bring fresh blood into the domestic stand by the importing of new individuals from other countries or by breeding abroad in order to avoid inbreeding.

My principle aim by putting new individuals into the kennel is to raise the quality of the kennel. Thanks to this purpose and to the affectionate trainings the succesful presentation of Shiva Kennel puppies on the exhibitions can be expected.

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